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H left yesterday, daughter waving him off, me trying not to cry too much until she’d gone to bed. To her, Daddy has ‘got lots of work to do’ that’s why he’s going to be away a little longer. Perhaps I should think about it in the same terms, it might save my eyes from looking so awful. Thank God it was sunny, I kept my sunglasses on most of the day as I cried pretty much anyone mentioned his name today.
It’s a bit of a relief that he has finally gone, this has been hanging over us for months now and there’s only so much preparation that you can do. Something always gets missed with things that need to get done before he goes away. This will be the longest deployment, but at least it’s to somewhere safe (well ish) and there is skype to keep in touch with. Thinking about getting an iPhone4 which you can video call on. Last time he was away, I bought a new car and got someone to decorate some rooms in the house. Retail therapy always helps. :o)


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